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CR-060   Pacman
CR-059   Elephant
CR-058   Elephant
CR-057   1 year
CR-056    Superman
CR-055    My Little Pony
CR-054    Snoopy
CR-053   1 year
CR-052   Racer
CR-051   Winnie the Pooh
CR-051   Winnie the Pooh
CR-050    Pig
CR-049    Mustache
CR-048    Hello Kitty
CR-047    Kitty
CR-046   Kitty
CR-045    Kitty
CR-044   Kitty
CR-043   Hello Kitty
CR-042   Lion
CR-041   Captain America
CR-040    Race Track
CR-039   Minnie Cap
CR-036   Kitty
CR-035   Frozen
CR-034   Spongebob
CR-033b   Ballerina
CR-032a   Ballerina
CR-031    Legos
CR-030   Winnie the Pooh
CR-028   Mickey
CR-027   Tiger
CR-026   Dinosaur
CR-025   Dinosaur
CR-024 ame and Stars
CR-023   Unicorn
CR-022   Unicorn
CR-021a   Pokemon
CR-020   Pikachu
CR-019    Minnie Mouse
CR-018    Helicopter
CR-017 Minion
CR-013b    Cookie Monster
CR-013a   Cookie Monster
CR-012b   Kitty
CR-012a    Kitty
CR-011b   Race Car
CR-011a   Race Car
CR-010   Bunny
CR-009   Dragon
CR-008    Dragon
CR-007    Dragon
CR-6    Kitty
CR-005    Cow
CR-003    Angry Bird
CR-002b    Special
CR-002a    Special
CR-001  Egg

Any and all Custom Orders will take a min. of 1-2 day to a week to complete. Custom Orders may be sent prior to the estimated time needed. To be able to receive your order accordingly please place order ahead of time. All Custom Orders may be sent to our email at to able receive a quote and confirmation of order.

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